To be able to choose the correct fragrance, we offer a wide range of exclusive perfume compositions to meet your specific requirements. Each perfume has unique qualities, for example: temperature resistant, tolerable to acid/alkaline environments etc.

Based on what you want to produce (washing powder, shampoos, liquid soaps, toilet soaps, serviettes, handkerchiefs, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, softeners, various of detergents, car fresheners, perfumes or a new product which could be aromatized) our wide range will aid to provide the most suitable aroma. 

For the process to be successful, brief information will be required. If you are a producer who wants the products offered to have a unique fragrance characterized for your own trademark, we suggest developing a perfume composition by request! According to your desires, we select the scents most appropriate for you while providing offers and free samples of every fragrance supplied! 

Thus giving you the ability to observe the quality of our perfume compositions and their competitive prices to lead you onto making your confident choice!

Please do not hesitate to make inquiries under the Contacts section and our consultants will find the best solution for you.